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Mindful Fitness

With Sarah Rodenbaugh

ME - Los Angeles

YOU - Anywhere

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Effecient full-body workout, including tailored guided meditation post workout, for a total of 30 minutes.

Get in.

Get peace.

Peace out.


Full-body, effecient workout using available equipment, ending with a tailored guided meditation.

Get worked.

Get bliss.

Bliss out.


Grab a buddy, carefully designed workouts to serve you both, save that money.

Get social.

Get sweaty.

Save money.


You wanna workout alone? Fine; I won't take it personally. I'll create your program and you get it done-zo.

Get program.

Get fit.

Get on with it.

Child Pose

Betty. Jake. Cammie Lou. Let's make it easy to work hard. Mindfully.

And then let's meditate after.

That's my passion. I want to find what works best for YOU to make a lasting lifestyle change. I will simplify the process for you to reach (and MAINTAIN) your fitness goals, Nancy. 

Isn't Shavasana the best when you're done with yoga? Yep, Doug, I do that after our workout, but it's a TAILORED meditation towards you and your goals.

Bliss in sweat.

"I'm not an athlete." Fine. Let's efficiently move the body you have now, Sandrine.

"It can't be boring." Gurl, same. 

"I don't have more than an hour." Listen, Joe. If we're efficient (which I am!) then we make the most of our time together, whether it's my half-hour Deep Dive or my hour-long Bust Ass, these programs get results. 

Choose yourself. It's your turn.

Shawnda, wanna work out with a buddy and save money?

Want programs to do on your own? I got you, Luke.

Hold on... I can get meditations

and ZERO workouts?

Have questions?

Let's talk about it, Betty Sue.

Online Meditation
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